Connections to the past offer us opportunities to gain great wisdom, honor the best efforts of our ancestors, and create a sense of identity for individuals, families, and organizations. Shining the light on these connections and salvaging the stories of our past is our passion here at Olshan Historical Consulting LLC. Whether it is those few boxes of documents and heirlooms in the attic, a collection of letters, a history of a summer camp, or a genealogical search, Olshan Historical Consulting LLC can complete your vision for preserving or resurrecting the past.

Our Story

Dr. Judd Olshan has been a lifelong explorer, collector, and sharer of stories and experiences. Dr. Olshan started his career with a degree in Human Ecology from the highly esteemed College of the Atlantic located in Bar Harbor, Maine.  Experiencing the world through a variety of disciplines instead of through the lens of a single field has informed much of Dr. Olshan's academic work. Dr. Olshan holds BAs in Human Ecology and History, Master's of Science and Arts in Resources Management and History respectively, and a PhD of Philosophy in History. Dr. Olshan had worked as a tour guide, experiential educator, and as a more traditional professor of History at University.

When people are given opportunities to pursue their own interests, as a tourist looking to experience North America's most iconic destinations, as a student learning about the world through hands-on activities, or as a young person gaining the confidence to stake their place in this world, they often shine. It has been an honor to facilitate self confidence, friendships, and happiness through activities designed to know the world around them.